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  1. the architecture of inhabitation
  2. a living city: co-creating our human habitat
  3. the magic of temporality & fleetingness
  4. the network of resources
  5. the garden as therapy
  6. rituals in rock & clay
  7. the school beneath the hills
  8. contemporary boathouse 
  9. valletta power station
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  1. eros in transgression @ re:easa
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susannah is a maltese architectural designer who graduated from the university of malta with a special interest in social architecture, spatial agency & inhabitation.

in her photography, she shoots a mix of 35mm film & digital.

susannah enjoys travelling but is just as happy exploring her homeland. a collector of rocks, books, vinyl & dried flowers, her other interests include hiking & cooking (but more so eating).

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3. the magic of temporality & fleetingness

experimenting with an architecture more of time than of space

concept development

m. arch. y1 s1

          the magic of ephemeral instances within the context of a prolonged temporary state of latent potential.


finding the existing magic in marsa & amplifying it

garages in marsa: portals to alternate realities spontaneously pop up

power station crater: the presence of absence alternate history (nuclear explosion?) &  future projections (community pop ups?) 


one cannot design such fleeting moments, but can design for them to allow them to happen; to encourage them at best.

first, in order to appreciate these moments, a change in personal psychology is required to ensure the right mindset. this can be achieved through the fulfilment of the latent potential of the people of marsa, triggered by the primary instigator (i.e. the intervention).

after all, these are the people that built & powered malta. one only needs to plug the community’s energy back into itself.


thus, the proposal developed from an urban scale strategy seeking to amplify the fleeting moments within marsa. this was then filtered down into a micro strategy for more localised interventions followed by the specific interventions themselves.

macro strategy

micro strategy

 sketch of imagined streetscape for a post-industrial marsa

collage of imagined roofscape

urban scale: amplification of fleeting moments within marsa

final presentation