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  1. the architecture of inhabitation
  2. a living city: co-creating our human habitat
  3. the magic of temporality & fleetingness
  4. the network of resources
  5. the garden as therapy
  6. rituals in rock & clay
  7. the school beneath the hills
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  1. eros in transgression @ re:easa
  2. cairn @ easa tourist
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susannah is a maltese architectural designer who graduated from the university of malta with a special interest in social architecture, spatial agency & inhabitation.

in her photography, she shoots a mix of 35mm film & digital.

susannah enjoys travelling but is just as happy exploring her homeland. a collector of rocks, books, vinyl & dried flowers, her other interests include hiking & cooking (but more so eating).

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2. cairn @ easa tourist

workshop tutors: denis plancque, emilie moreau & cazembe henry  
supra architecture collective

cairn, a concern workshop

easa switzerland, villars-sur-ollon

         cairn, a review of the territory based on its substance : the matter forming it, the forces sculpting it, and the beings making it alive.

a workshop concerned about hiking around the site, collecting materials to put it up respectfully. an intimate encouter where everyone reveals themself in order to breed and create a shared memory of the place.

mallog: handcrafted mallet

the tourist is mobile, the tourist strides, but what does the tourist take if not a picture, what does the tourist bring to the lands he discovers ?

cairn workshop offers a method for the tourist who feels like a builder, for the curious tourist, the respectful tourist, the nice tourist. it offers an interpretation of the territory through the local resources, and depends on inventiveness and collective energy, diverting the standard, answering to specific challenges of other workshops, sites and their occupants.

the 'cairn' workshop consisted of venturing into the swiss alps, to collect different local materials and learn how to transform them to create new objects.

" i chose this workshop out of curiosity in learning about materials, tools and crafting, and wanting to explore the landscape of the swiss alps.
the workshop took the theme of tourist in the sense of nomad, travelling from place to place, gathering and learning with each experience, finding home at each step of the journey.

hiking, exploring, observing, discussing, collecting, experimenting, learning, building. the workshop inspired me to work with my hands more, taught me how to use certain tools and work with certain materials. It also taught me to consider and interact with the landscape in new ways.
people from other workshops would often join us in our endeavours and help us in building things, especially larger constructions such as the raft we built to cross the lake."
- Susannah

workshop video: here
link to full project: here