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  1. il-ġebla 
  2. somewhere in the mediterranean
  3. backpacking south east asia: coming soon
  4. ongoing travelogue
  5. commissions


  1. the architecture of inhabitation
  2. a living city: co-creating our human habitat
  3. the magic of temporality & fleetingness
  4. the network of resources
  5. the garden as therapy
  6. rituals in rock & clay
  7. the school beneath the hills
  8. contemporary boathouse 
  9. valletta power station
  10. lab / prototype
  11. matter make
  12. playscape


  1. eros in transgression @ re:easa
  2. cairn @ easa tourist
  3. day night day night day
  4. skalda


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susannah is a maltese architectural designer who graduated from the university of malta with a special interest in social architecture, spatial agency & inhabitation.

in her photography, she shoots a mix of 35mm film & digital.

susannah enjoys travelling but is just as happy exploring her homeland. a collector of rocks, books, vinyl & dried flowers, her other interests include hiking & cooking (but more so eating).

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1. eros in transgression @ re:easa

workshop tutors: isaac buttigieg & tracey sammut


easa croatia, rijeka

addressing erotic triggers in human behaviour, this easa 2018 workshop seeks to re-evaluate and re-present self-referentiality through the city's ruins.

site visits & experience

personal work: final outcome

can the erotic emerge out of the personification of a ruin?

by means of a heightened awareness of emotion and bodily sensation, each ruin was imagined and expressed in terms of its characterising energy. using personification and conversation as tools, the erotic nature of the experience of ruins was brought to question.

the result is a series of writings and photographs overlaid by paintings.

final exhibition

link to full project: click here