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susannah is a maltese architectural designer who graduated from the university of malta with a special interest in social architecture, spatial agency & inhabitation.

in her photography, she shoots a mix of 35mm film & digital.

susannah enjoys travelling but is just as happy exploring her homeland. a collector of rocks, books, vinyl & dried flowers, her other interests include hiking & cooking (but more so eating).

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4. skalda

workshop leaders: tara zikic, mirco azzopardimartina chetcuti
part of a workshop organised by saces

skalda: a playful intervention

saces summer workshop: mal-kosta

            workshop theme:  a number of coastal communities are present within different areas of our harbours, which have developed over time as a result of the interaction the locals have had with these spaces. the physical condition of these areas echoes the needs of the people who dwell there, and while some have remained idle, others have taken it into their own hands to alter these spaces using their own resources, creating very unique environments. focusing on the valletta harbour area, this workshop sought to gain an insight of how life goes on within these communities, understanding how and why these areas have taken shape over time.

this workshop was carried out in collaboration with valletta design cluster, ghrc, samuel ciantar & mattea ciantar.

fishermen using the site



skalda aims to enhace a site which is already sufficient. the intervention gives users the additional comfort that the area previously lacked. better accessibility to the sea through steps & a platform allures locals and foreign visitors to enjoy and appreciate one of malta’s greatest characteristics; its coast. a seating area and storage provide further functionality.

the structure suits the needs of its multiple users, ranging from fishermen to local families and toursits through its adaptable and playful design. a design that seeks not to overshadow but rather to complement the surrounding rock which contours it. despite being hidden in its surroundings, concealed from the road above, its presence is hinted at by additional steps at street level which serve to entice passers by into discovering what lies ahead.

skalda goes beyond the notion of an additional structure along the coast. it encapsulates a journey to the waters of marsamxett harbour, a sustainable preservation of the coast and the activities it hosts as well as the manifestation of a social space.


the team

adam micallef
karen muscat
luke scicluna
federica formosa
rachel grech flores

more project documentation: here